Database maintenance on the 23th of January

We are currently working on optimizing operations on WebTrack as well as other programs.
The goal is to ensure stable operations on our programs and to further improve their performance.

Therefore, a maintenance window is planned for Sunday the 23th of January, where structural changes will be made to our database.

Therefore, on Sunday from 6:00 AM. till 2 PM, there may be instances of delay on some units.

During this time, we are still receiving data from our units, but the processing thereof will not be handled before the end of the maintenance window. New data from affected units will not be shown on until the service window has been completed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

r2pTracking  |  2022-01-12 15:23:39

All systems are OK

Horizon  |  2022-01-18 14:23:46

All systems are OK

IConnex  |  2022-01-18 14:23:46

All systems are OK

webTour  |  2022-01-18 14:23:46